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Our endeavours encompass not only constructing enhanced lifestyles through our offerings but also contributing to a brighter future for society. This commitment reflects our social responsibility. Join hands with G Square and contribute to a collective initiative aimed at forging a superior tomorrow.


G Square is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We prioritise education by supporting schools and offering scholarships. Our community-focused projects enhance infrastructure and healthcare. Environmental sustainability drives us to employ eco-friendly practices. Through disaster relief and women's empowerment, we strive to positively impact society.
6 tons

Litter and debris were cleaned from the beach.


Para sportspersons are sponsored across the country.


Motorised wheel chairs for differently abled people


Hospital beds and oxygen tanks during COVID


Cows rescued from slaughterhouses and stray dogs were fed.


We exemplify a holistic commitment to societal well-being beyond their real estate ventures, showcasing a genuine dedication to creating a positive impact and fostering a better future for all.

1 November 2022

Car Free Sunday at Besant Nagar

G Square Housing is the title sponsor for the Car-Free Sundays, organized by The Hindu in the association with the Greater Chennai Traffic Police.

11 September 2022

Car Free Sunday’ organized by The Hindu

G Square Housing sponsored the ‘Car Free Sunday’ event organized by The Hindu & Chennai Traffic Police, where several talented individuals and young pioneers participated in fun-filled activities on Chennai’s buzz-free street at the Elliot’s Beach stretch in Besant Nagar. Citizens participated in exercises like a cycling race, painting, dancing & yoga sessions, and more […]

4 September 2022

‘Car Free Sunday’: A green initiative by G Square & The Hindu

Organizing a pollution-free day called ‘Car Free Sunday’ with partners like The Hindu & Chennai Traffic Police, G Square Housing sponsored an on-street event at Elliot’s Beach stretch, Besant Nagar, for every citizen to come together and enjoy fun activities like dancing, yoga, cycling, painting & crafts, and much more!

18 September 2022

G Square & The Hindu partner up for a fun-filled Car Free Sunday

Taking one step towards a pollution-free world, G Square Housing sponsored the ‘Car Free Sunday’ program at Elliot’s Beach stretch in Besant Nagar, organized by The Hindu & Chennai Traffic Police for talented artists and fellow citizens to perform and participate in various activities like cycling, dancing, yoga, painting, and many other fun activities!

20 March 2022

Beach Clean up on Kovalam Beach

G Square led a successful green campaign over a weekend to scavenge a total of 1.2 tonnes of waste with the helping hands of over 120 volunteers & Actor Ganesh Venkatram!

6 March 2022

Beach clean-up at Akkarai

G Square conducted a triumphant beach cleansing activity at the golden Akkarai beach in Chennai to ensure that the sandy coastline is cleaner, hygienic & waste-free.

19 June 2022

Beach clean-up at Ashtalakhsmi

To maintain & preserve the sanctity & sanity around the holy area of Ashtalakhsmi, G Square teamed up with a group of enthusiastic volunteers to clean up the sacred temple area & beach.

13 March 2022

Beach clean-up at Muttukaadu

With the resilience of a strong team of volunteers, G Square remains environmentally responsible as we led a successful & satisfactory cleaning drive at the Muttukaadu beach.

8 December 2023

G Square Launches Wheels of Hope Initiative

G Square Wheels of Hope is an initiative that aims to alleviate the issues that differently-abled people with mobility limitations experience. The initiative provides motorised wheelchairs to assist individuals in overcoming their disabilities and becoming self-sufficient for fundamental tasks like commuting and jobs. In the coming phases, the organisation hopes to deliver roughly 1000 motorised […]

15 December 2023

Chennai Runs Marathon – Sponsored By G Square

G Square has sponsored the Chennai 2023 Marathon Run with the intention of spreading positive energy among the participants. The event, organized by Madras Round Table 1 (MRT1) to collect cash for the Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust, drew a large crowd of eager runners on Nov 26 2023. According to the organizers, around 10,000 people […]

14 March 2024

G Square inaugurates mini library in government school, Kanchipuram

In collaboration with The Hindu, G Square Group recently inaugurated a mini library at the Government Middle School in Angambakkam, Kanchipuram district. This initiative, known as ‘Spreading the Joy of Reading’, is integral to the Lit Fest 2024. The school, which caters to 121 students across Classes 1 to 8, has been equipped with 400 […]